Strasburg Pottery!

Virginia Cadden Pottery Room at Strasburg Museum.

Built around 1890, the building began operation in 1891 as The Strasburg Steam Pottery (also known as the Strasburg Stone and Earthenware Manufacturing Company) and operated as a pottery for a period of six years.

Most independent Strasburg area potters marked their wares but none of the pottery manufactured in the steam pottery is known to have been marked. Here is a list of Strasburg Area Potters of the period.

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Pottery agreement dated 1865 between Samuel H. Sonner, James M. Bly and James M. Shinnick.

Some of the many pieces of Stoneware on Display in the Pottery Room.

Pottery Wheel

Pottery Turntable from the Bell Family. late 1800s. This round platform was the top working surface of a potter's wheel used in the Bell Pottery (S. Bell and Sons) on Queen Street in Strasburg. Mrs. Loraine Bell, daughter-in-law of Charles "Polk" Bell and wife of the late Frank Bell, generously donated this item to the Strasburg Museum.