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Swinging bridge over Cedar Creek just south of the Bowman Ford. This bridge is located just south of the historical Bowman Ford which is now east of US 11 just north of where the Coffey Cup stood in the 1950s. The lane is about 1000 feet before arriving at the Cedar Creek ford. A road once followed Cedar Creek on the west side from the Bowman (Stickley) Mill located just west of old US 11, crossing Cedar Creek at Bowman Ford and then on the east side of Cedar Creek to the other Bowman Mill located about a mile and a half downstream from the first mill.

Picture of the Shenando Building located on east King Street. This building was built about 1905 and part of the building still stands in Strasburg. It housed the Strasburg Post Office on the first floor. A theatre was located at one time on the upper floor and some levels were used for housing.

A List of Past Postmaters.

Strasburg Methodist Church located on North Holliday and Washington Street. It was built about 1915.

Strasburg Reservoir. Looking from the Strasburg Reservoir north towards the town of Strasburg.