Stark Car-Coupler Corporation
Strasburg, Virginia

The officers of the Stark Car-Coupler Corporation were;
Charles H. Stark, John E. Rogers, Lee B. Winsboro
H. F. Keckley, J. W. Eberly, Secretary, E. D. Newman, President

It is not certain, but the business may have been located in the
old Horse Shoe Factory located northwest of the Strasburg Museum.

Strasburg News,April 24, 1913, Stark Coupler
In recent days there has been much interest displayed in the promotion of the Stark Car-Coupler. Stock seems to be steadily increasing in value, a sign that it is staple and a good investment.

Mr. C. H. Kadie, formerly Master Mechanic of the Washington Division of the Southern Railway, and a member of the Master Car Builders Association which is to meet in Atlantic City in June, has recently resigned his position with the Southern and has been made Superintendent of the Stark Coupler. His duties as Superintendent will be to perfect the coupler in any detail and place it on the market as soon as possible. Mr. Kadie has been much interested in the invention for some time, and understands it thoroughly, as well as the many other coupling devices.

Another interesting point about the coupler is the fact that a representative of what is believed to be a large corporation, yet unknown, has been trying to buy stock from some of the present holders. It is understood that no exact offer has been made, but on the other hand, the representative has been endeavoring to get the stock holders to set a price. This as yet has not been and no terms have been agreed upon.

Posted by Calvin Sonner

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