The Museum Volunteer Schedule!

The Week of July 15 - July 21, 2018.

Sunday: morning, Sue Foster; afternoon, Pat Clem and Doris Baker.

Monday: morning, Jackie Richard; afternoon, Carolyn McKeirnan and Hannalore Rehbein.

Tuesday: morning, Trina Bailey; afternoon, Bill and Pat McClanahan.

Wednesday: morning, Jennifer and Charles Burke; afternoon, Hope Brim.

Thursday: morning, Bob and Ida Smith; afternoon, Henry Himelright.

Friday: morning, Polly Wilson; afternoon, Marie Spence.

Saturday: morning, Gloria Stickley and Amanda Laws; afternoon, Donna Bollhoefer.

The Week of July 22 - July 28, 2018.

Sunday: morning, Donnie Davison; afternoon, Justin Baker.

Monday: morning, Joan Farrell and Ginny Conrad; afternoon, Danny Wymer.

Tuesday: morning, C.J. Borden; afternoon, Ginger Alliotti.

Wednesday: morning, Sally Fravel; afternoon, Jeanette Dovel.

Thursday: morning, Randy Painter and Bill Carper; afternoon, Tom Knowles.

Friday: morning, Polly Wilson; afternoon, Terry Goad.

Saturday: morning, Kat Stanley afternoon, Tim Taylor.