Strasburg News
April 24, 1913
Work on The Depot

At last actual work has begun. A side track has been built, and a work train has been employed this week filling in for the siding and the adjoining grounds. A camp of carpenters are on the scene and have already torn out a portion of the floor and old interior work of the Pottery building. Besides this several cars each of sand, cement and lumber have arrived. This constituted actual work, and actual work means sooner or later a new depot.

The plans for the depot as we now understand them is to build an umbrella shed from the main tract to the main building with also a platform shed. The present side tracks between the building and main track are to be removed, so that there will be no tracks to cross when boarding a train. The building proper will be mainly one story, at least that portion used by the passenger department. The freight office and rooms will be on the South side of the building and the ticket office and waiting rooms on the North side.

Besides the depot it is understood that the freight yards are to be greatly enlarged, and a roundhouse built near the site of the present freight depot. These latter improvements will go far in making Strasburg a larger railroad center, for they will mean a concentration of the working forces here.